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Having reached the point of completing data entry, I am experimenting with RWD - making the site responsive to the device it is being viewed on. It could easily be argued that I should have thought of that before I started, but it is the identification pages which first highlighted the problem - they are showing a fixed number of images per row and that is unsatisfactory. Now is a good time to stop and experiment before building all the exhibition pages - I can then rewrite the identification pages.
I have Chris Ward's Jump Start Responsive Web Design to hand (this builds an example site from scratch) and Ben Frain's Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 (which covers conversion of existing sites) on the way. What I would like to be able to do if create individual picture entities for each work and be able to load the chosen elements in an appropriate box on the page (for example the works shown at St. Ives in 2013) and let them configure themselves.

The images have been completed.
The general tidy-up has been interrupted by the Identification pages. These are going surprisingly well. Paintings completed last night, sculptures this morning and sketches, probably by tomorrow. ✔ 26Oct.
Then tidy up - de-emphasise LH notes ✔ 26Oct, check the L/H ✔ 26Oct and inspect each detail page ✔ 26Oct.
The site will be ready to go live then, so SEO (in hand), contact Lucy Howarth for belated permission ✔ 27Oct and add some detail - better biography, the losses and some people pages.
Now I have small images of each work (arising from the ID pages), building exhibition pages will be simple - trial with Hanover 58. I might also build an exhibition page for the Iconoplastic show to give some context.

G&H scanned and images installed.
Next, insert FD reconstruction images where needed and try to match up FD/LH.
Then, check the H/W numbers, edit the LH notes and that's the data build done.

The Forgotten Maverick images and data have been added.
Next job: scan the Gimpel catalogue.
Sotheby's New York have a stunning exhibition, Iconoplastic: 100 Years of De Stijl running until 8th December. I am tempted to go, but almost certainly won't get round to it. The show has an outstanding range of artists featured including two Moss's (on loan, not on sale), PR58 and PR68.

Now working on adding the Forgotten Maverick (FM) data - mainly the images, but also checking the details of size, current ownership etc. It seems that the dimensions base data (LH) is inconsistent on quoting H/W or W/H - I'll have to check that and also the entries on the summary pages.

I have bought a copy of the Gimpel catalogue (G&H) - there seems to have been only one on sale worldwide allowing the rather excessive price of SFr 75 + 21.36 postage. It is a surprisingly small book, but richly illustrated. It is reproduced at about half-size in FM, but I felt I had to have an original.

I have not plucked up courage to contact Lucy Howarth yet, I guess in case she disapproves of the use of her data and I have to dismantle the site. I'll carry on integrating the FM data then G&H and the Stedelijk Museum catalogue (SM) and write to her then.

The paintings detail pages complete with the details from Lucy Howarth's thesis (LH), the sculptures on 8Oct and the works on paper around 13th Oct.

The detail pages are in progress - 11 done so far.

The three pages listing all the works in the Catalogue Raisonné (CR) are complete - paintings, sculptures and sketches. An auctions page has also been started.
Next, the plan is to integrate the Florette Dijkstra (FD) numbers, create a page listing the exhibitions and decide on the layout for the detail pages. Then build the detail pages.
The information then captured will be, more or less, all of the CR cross-referenced to FD. The next stage will be to integrate subsequent sources starting with Forgotten Maverick and then whatever else can be found.
When it is looking good, I will contact Lucy Howarth and see how she feels about me recycling all her good work (I mentioned in an email early in 2017 that I intended to start work on a web site).

I'll keep a log of progress here. I decided to build a site detailing Moss's work in March 2017 and built a skeleton web site in June. It has taken until September to make a start on assembling the detail.
I will begin with volume 2 of Dr. Lucy Howarth's PhD Thesis which is a Catalogue Raisonné. List the works and then build individual detail pages.


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