Marlow Moss


Marlow Moss: Sculptures and Constructions

The numbering system is explained on the Paintings and Reliefs page. See also Works on Paper.

The only works in this category to have been found that are not present in the LH Catalogue Raisonné are: SC10A.

ID FDid Title Date Size Media
SC01 - White Blocks 1942 n/k Painted wood
SC02 - Triangles on Points 1942-43 n/k Painted metal
SC03 - Triangles on Edges 1942-43 n/k Painted metal
SC04 B01 Sculptural Form 1943   White marble
SC05 B02 Sphere Raised by Tension of Curved Line 1943 29 x 15 cm Steel wire and marble
SC06 B03 Column 1944 c. 61 cm Copper
SC07 B04 Spheres and Curved Line 1945 23 x 28 cm Copper and iron
SC08 B05 Development of a Conical Section 1946 20 cm Marble
SC09 - Spatial Construction 1949 27 x 16 cm Steel
SC10 - Construction Based on a Tetrahedron 1950   Polished brass
SC10A - Untitled 1950 21 x 9 x 9 cm Polished brass on wooden base
SC11 B06 Egg-shaped Oval and Ball 1950 27 x 27 cm Painted wood
SC12 - Ovoids on Granite 1952   Metal and granite
SC13 - Construction Spatial 1953 51 x 40.5 x 23 cm Polished brass
SC14 B08 Concentric Circles in Space 1953 46 x 35 cm Steel
SC15 B09 Concentric Circles Projected in Space 1953 38 x 46 cm Steel with Welsh slate base
SC16 B10 Forms in Space 1953   Polished brass
SC17 B11 Wooden Model for Construction in Aluminium
1956 63 x 63 cm Wood
SC18 B12 Balanced Forms in Gunmetal on Cornish Granite 1956-57 26 x 32.5 x 27.5 cm Reinforced metal and granite
SC19 B13 Linear Construction 1956-57 65.1 x 37.2 x 23.2 cm
Steel, with aluminium bases
SC20 B15 Egg-Shaped and Cylindrical Form on a Pentagonal Base 1956-57 90 x 102 cm Wood painted white
SC21 B14 Spatial Construction in Steel 1956-58 128 x 80 x 23 cm Steel
SC22 B16 Cone and Sphere in Relation on White Cornish Granite 1957 18 x 25.5 cm Metal and Granite
SC23 B17 Free Relief 1957 51 x 108 x 12.5 cm Painted wood and aluminium
SC24 B18 Free Relief 1957 94 x 86 cm Painted wood and aluminium
SC25 - [Three-pronged Form]      
SC26 B07 [Winged Ball]      
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